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ікра бестера

What is the difference between bester and sturgeon?

Among the popular varieties of black caviar, we can single out the Bester fish product. A Bester is a hybrid created by crossing a male sterlet with a female beluga. This was done to take advantage of both species of sturgeon. Black bester caviar is distinguished by its high quality, medium-sized eggs, and incredibly soft and delicate taste.

Difference between adult bester and sturgeon

It is not for nothing that enterprises cultivating sturgeon fish for black caviar began bester farming. This hybrid has the following advantages compared to pure sturgeon species:

  • Rapid achievement of the optimal age for collecting caviar (10-12 years) improves production profitability and reduces the caviar cost.
  • High fertility — female bester fish can produce up to 25% of caviar relative to their weight in one spawning.

Bester — fish grown in aqua farms. It feels excellent in artificial reservoirs. Females and males reach rapid puberty to produce black caviar with a pleasant taste and an unforgettable aftertaste.

Taste qualities and benefits of caviar

Sturgeon caviar is 2-2.5 mm eggs. They have a pleasant light gray or dark gray shade and an oily consistency. Bester black caviar has an attractive, delicate taste and is distinguished by the following features:

  1. The content of a large amount of protein and omega-3 omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  2. The size of eggs is smaller compared to beluga and sturgeon eggs.
  3. The juiciness of the product and the minimum amount required for saturation.
  4. It is a rarity for the Ukrainian market because only a few sturgeon farms grow it.

We grow bester in purified water from the Dnipro River. Each undergoes careful laboratory control, and using a lifetime method of caviar production makes it possible not to kill the fish and to take caviar from it every 3-4 years. The finished product contains the Reinofresh Kaviar 1 natural preservative based on food salt. This contributes to preserving black caviar’s natural taste and benefits and does not harm human health.

Bester breeding in industrial conditions

Breeding bester fish in artificial ponds is a great way to enjoy the taste properties of black caviar, similar to the product obtained from river sterlet. Caviar will definitely please gourmets. It should be a part of your diet to get a large amount of the necessary beneficial substances, macro- and microelements.

Bester breeding is more profitable and straightforward for aquafarmers than working with beluga. Buyers also benefit because the final cost of black caviar is reduced due to more frequent spawning. The most important thing is that cultivation must occur under certain conditions under the control of professionals.

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