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What does the taste of black caviar depend on?

Black caviar is a delicacy that is always associated with sophistication and luxury. “Black caviar is a work of art, the taste of which can only be appreciated by a true gourmet,” said the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier. Usually, the taste of this product is described as delicate, and buttery, with subtle nutty notes and a noble lingering aftertaste. However, the quality of caviar can vary greatly depending on many factors:

  • Type of fish.
  • Nutrition and housing conditions.
  • Selection and processing process.
  • Age of the fish.
  • Places of origin (regional features of the area).
  • Type of water body (fresh or marine).

One of the most important is, of course, the type of fish. However, other mentioned factors shape the taste of black caviar. So, for example, the older the fish, the bigger the eggs and the richer the taste sensations. Black caviar collected in spring also has a more pronounced palette.

The influence of the type of fish on the taste of the delicacy

Today, manufacturers offer various types of “black gold,” but sturgeon roe is still the main one. The most valuable is the beluga, which has large eggs with a bright sea taste. The delicacy obtained from sturgeon also has good gastronomic characteristics, but they are less pronounced than those of beluga. Let’s consider the varieties in more detail:

  1. Beluga caviar is the rarest, it is famous for its delicate and slightly oily taste. It has a delicate texture and a sweet aftertaste. The eggs are large, flat, and smooth, often gray. But in nature, it is strictly forbidden to catch it, and its cultivation in aquaculture is very expensive and long-term (females give their first spawn at the age of 20 or more and once every 4-5 years), so the number of farms and the spawn itself is minimal.
  2. Black caviar, the taste of which is as close as possible to the beluga, is better caviar, a hybrid of beluga and its smaller relative, the sterlet. It also has rich and pronounced gastronomic characteristics, and its characteristic feature is a soft, delicate taste. Eggs are smaller than whitish, with a smooth surface, often with gray and greenish shades. Mild drinks such as prosecco suit her delicate taste very well.
  3. Siberian sturgeon roe is the most common. The delicacy has a stronger and sharper taste, with pronounced caviar notes. It is often described as creamy and bright. Sturgeon eggs are smaller than beluga eggs, about 3-3.4 mm in diameter.
  4. The sterlet is the smallest representative of the sturgeon family, it produces the smallest black caviar. It has a softer and gentler palette. Eggs are small, with a smooth glossy shell.

Thus, the taste of black caviar depends greatly on the type of sturgeon. In turn, the diet, feeding method, habitat, and age of the fish are also important. To preserve gastronomic qualities, the technology of raw materials is essential.

All of the sturgeon species described above, except for beluga, are grown at our KIND FISH farm in Kyiv and are presented among the assortment of KIND FISH caviar. You may be interested to compare their tastes and see that the type of fish affects the taste nuances of its roe.

How does processing affect the taste of black caviar?

Caviar processing is an individual technology for each producer. It differs in the methods of caviar selection, the salting method, as well as the use of various preservatives that affect both the food safety of products and human health and, in fact, the taste of the caviar itself. An important factor is compliance with strict food safety standards. All this ultimately affects how black caviar will taste a month, two, three, six months, or a year after packaging. With the right approach, the delicacy retains its natural qualities and aroma for a long time.

Therefore, combining all factors gives variety in the taste of black caviar from different producers.

Kind Fish, a company with more than 10 years of experience in producing and selling this product, has its ambassador technology and pays special attention to each stage of production. Our products are produced in compliance with all requirements of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) safety management system.

Enjoy exquisite black caviar from Kind Fish, made with love and professionalism!

The effect of fish age on the taste of its caviar

The older the fish becomes, the larger and tastier its caviar becomes. This happens because older fish, in the presence of high-quality nutrition and housing conditions, have the opportunity to form larger and better-quality eggs than young females.

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