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Sturgeon stocking material: features and specifics of application in aquaculture

Breeding of Siberian sturgeon, Bester, sterlet, and other similar species depends on the use of high-quality fry. The development of the industry requires the production of sustainable materials that would meet the needs of nurseries. After all, in the farms for the cultivation of sturgeon, water areas of different composition are provided. Many factors affect the work of fish farms. The most important are numbers, survivability, and productivity. Owners of fish farms can achieve efficiency by growing fry in appropriate conditions and compacting plantings. It is also important to control the population at different stages of the fish’s life.

Methods of growing fish planting material

The technology of artificial reproduction is implemented by two methods – pool and pond. The first involves growing fry in a pool for 55 days. During this time, they become ready for resettlement in open water bodies. The economy is the main advantage of the basin method. If fish planting material, sturgeon is used in similar conditions:

  • Is constantly under control.
  • Kept in large quantities in a small area.
  • Requires small amounts of water.

Changing the technological characteristics of water makes it possible to manage cultivation. However, the limitation of the reservoir hurts the development of the nervous system of livestock and reduces adaptive capacity during resettlement.

The pond method involves growing fish from a free embryo to the hatching stage. Gardens with larvae are placed in the reservoir for 1.5-2 months. The advantage lies in growing planting material of higher quality compared to the pooling method. However, fish farmers lose control over the stock after spawning.

Technologies for growing and caring for sturgeon

Fish planting materials are individuals that require conditions as close as possible to natural conditions for their productive cultivation. This leads to an increase in the scale of artificial fish breeding, as sturgeons are sensitive to changes in the environment. It is important to purchase fry or sexually mature individuals with caviar from a breeding nursery. There must be separate documentation for each batch of fish, which will confirm the legality of the purchase. Otherwise, fish planting material will be considered illegal.In increasing breeding productivity, the formation of the brood stock in the “from spawn to spawn” method is important. The technology involves the selection of elite individuals according to the relevant criteria and their further cultivation until the moment of sexual maturity. The installation of an electronic tag on each individual of the mother herd helps to monitor them at various stages of life. Feeding fish with high-quality feed allows you to get tasty and nutritious caviar.

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