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Sturgeon breeding – the main difficulties and secrets of success

You may not have thought about exactly how black caviar is produced, but it is a long and complicated process. It is obtained by breeding sturgeon. There are different methods of growing, collecting, and processing caviar. This process requires investment, professional skills, and patience. It takes 8 to 15 years for a female sturgeon to reach sexual maturity.

From our material, you will learn about all stages of the process: from growing sturgeon fry to the moment when the caviar reaches your table.

Sturgeon breeding: business and technology

Breeding sturgeon for caviar is painstaking work that requires a deep understanding of the matter and attention to detail. Adherence to technologies contributes to obtaining a quality product. There are several aspects to growing sturgeon:

  • Water quality and temperature control.
  • Selection of high-quality feed for various cycles of growing fish from fry to adult fish.
  • Proper care at different stages of the life cycle.
  • Involvement of professionals: ichthyologists and fish breeders.

In addition, the fish should have enough space for free swimming, because an adult needs a lot of space.

Difficulties of raising young sturgeon fish

The process of breeding sturgeon fry is complex and requires a lot of time and patience. Small sturgeons need special care and conditions for growth. The quality of the caviar depends on the successful passage of this stage of the fry’s life. The conditions for proper growth are:

  • Professional care of young sturgeons.
  • Protection against diseases and pests.
  • Creation of optimal growing conditions.

Fish of the sturgeon family live from 50 to 100 years. Therefore, carefully raised fry can produce caviar throughout their lives. Although it takes at least 8 years of painstaking work and care for a female to be given it for the first time. They begin to spawn en masse only after 12-15 years.

Two ways to get black caviar – live and slaughter methods of extraction

The slaughter method is often called killing for caviar. This method has several disadvantages, including a decline in sturgeon populations. At Kind Fish, we put so much attention, money, and effort into our fish that we once and for all chose the subsistence method for ourselves. It consists of the fact that sturgeons are kept alive and eggs are collected regularly without harming the fish. This approach is more ecological and contributes to the preservation of the sturgeon population. This is a more difficult alternative, but we prefer it to make sturgeon breeding in Ukraine ecologically responsible.

Sturgeon breeding in pools with high flow rate: ensuring the best taste of caviar

Farming sturgeon fish in pools with high flow (100% water changes twice an hour) is one of the best solutions for creating an efficient and convenient farm. Such conditions ensure the production of black caviar without harming the environment and enable:

  1. Create the right environment for sturgeon breeding: purified running water of the Dnipro River, which ensures the absence of the smell and taste of “stagnant water” in the caviar.
  2. Protect fish from natural threats such as predators, low oxygen levels in the water, and other factors that affect fish health.
  3. Select healthy young animals for further breeding.
  4. Ensure controlled breeding after reaching maturity of sturgeons.

We use sturgeon breeding technologies and methods that create optimal conditions for the growth of healthy fish, which in the future will help to obtain the best caviar. Now that you know more about our approach and caviar production, we invite you to try Kind Fish products. After all, it is the result of great efforts and our commitment to quality.

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