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Sturgeon Caviar from a Ukrainian Manufacturer — Guaranteed Quality and Optimal Price

Black caviar is a generic name for the roe of fish of the sturgeon family. It has several varieties: sterlet, stellate, sturgeon, and beluga. The first two varieties belong to the relatively budget category, and the last two — to the elite class, available only in some countries and not to everyone. The best option is black sturgeon caviar, which is in the middle range. The taste and valuable properties are practically equal to beluga. This product is dark yellow to coal black roe. The diameter varies in the field of 2.5–4 millimeters.

Benefits of Sturgeon Caviar

Like some other types of fish, sturgeon caviar is a unique product that combines maximum nutritional value and contains various micro- and macroelements, vitamins, enzymes, and other substances. This is necessary for the full development of a new life - embryos and fry, which cannot obtain food on their own immediately after birth and use the energy of the nutrients of the yolk sac.

The benefit of this source of valuable substances for the human body is its balanced composition and the ability to saturate quickly with small portions while supplying almost all the necessary elements for human life. Essential amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6, ensure the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular and many other systems of the human body. Sturgeon caviar contributes to the removal of slags, generation of hemoglobin, cleansing, strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, normalization of blood pressure, and relief from mild thrombosis.

Taste Features and the Nutritional Value of Sturgeon Caviar

This delicacy has a characteristic, pronounced iodide sea aroma, a moderately rich taste, and a weak aftertaste. In terms of taste, sturgeon eggs are inferior only to expensive belugas.

Regarding nutritional value, sturgeon caviar is one of the most energy-dense products. You can get enough energy and the necessary minerals and vitamins by tasting a few spoonfuls of this product. Until the mid-nineteenth century, slaves in North America were regularly fed with caviar. The arrival of immigrants from the Old World made Americans see all the valuable qualities of this delicacy, which was incredibly cheap at the time.

The indicators, considered to be the standard for the nutritional composition of sturgeon caviar, are the following:

  • Carbohydrates — 0-4 percent.
  • Proteins — 25–29.5 percent.
  • Fats — 17.5–21 percent.

In addition to the main components necessary for human life, there are large amounts of micro- and macroelements, vitamins, and biologically active substances: potassium, magnesium, silicon, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, manganese, calcium, iodine, vitamins A, B, D, E and more.

How to Choose Natural Sturgeon Caviar?

To avoid making a mistake when choosing this delicacy, you should pay attention first to its cost. High-quality black sturgeon caviar, much lower than the average market price, should cause suspicion. It can be counterfeit, extracted illegally, packed into cans without observing technological and sanitary standards, or completely fake, made from gelatin, seaweed, flavoring additives, and dyes. When buying caviar in a store, you must take into account the following quality criteria:

  1. Sale method. Responsible manufacturers will never offer this expensive product by weight. It should be sold only in vacuum-packed, sterilized, hermetically sealed glass or tin cans.
  2. Quality, informative packaging. Labels with blurred text and little information indicate the dishonesty of the manufacturer.
  3. Date of manufacture, shelf life, storage conditions.

Where to Buy Quality Sturgeon Caviar in Ukraine and How Much It Costs

Natural sturgeon caviar is worth a lot today, especially in retail stores. In addition, when buying it in supermarkets, you necessarily overpay a significant amount, which includes the profit of intermediaries, the costs of maintaining store employees, rent, etc. It is much wiser to contact the manufacturer directly. This is the only way to ensure product quality and compliance with all requirements and norms.

Kind Fish is one of the most famous Ukrainian manufacturers with guaranteed quality products at a minimal cost. Contact the Kind Fish company if you are interested in 100% natural sturgeon caviar, lower than the cost of analogs offered in offline stores.