Siberian sturgeon black caviar 50 g buy at Kind Fish
Siberian sturgeon black caviar 50 g
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Siberian sturgeon black caviar 50 g

1590 UAH

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KIND FISH® Siberian sturgeon caviar, granular, pasteurized.


High-quality KIND FISH® caviar from a Ukrainian manufacturer in an assortment of types and packaging, sold throughout Ukraine since 2017.

The price of the product includes safe packaging in the form of a thermal box with a cold accumulator, which guarantees compliance with the necessary temperature regime for the caviar during shipment by the postal service.

If you are buying KIND FISH® caviar as a gift, let our manager know about it and we will add a gift bag and a card to the package at no extra charge.



Siberian sturgeon is a species of sturgeon fish, Acipenser baerii, which is endemic to Siberian rivers. This type of sturgeon accounts for 30% of the world’s sturgeon farming, and it is bred in aquaculture conditions all over the world. It spawns at the age of 8+ years. Its caviar is distinguished by a bright taste.

The shell of Siberian sturgeon eggs has a pleasant and interesting texture. The caviar itself is juicy, has a distinct taste and a characteristic subtle aftertaste.

The sturgeons from which KIND FISH® granular caviar is made are bred under aquaculture conditions in Kyiv. We have deliberately refused to kill Red Book sturgeon, so we obtain KIND FISH® caviar using a no-kill method, the so-called “milking method”, while the fish remains alive, healthy and retains the ability to spawn every next 2 years. The process of feeding, selection of caviar and production of food products is carefully controlled, so we know every stage of production perfectly.

Taste and aroma

The taste of KIND FISH® caviar depends on the quality of the water in which the fish is kept and the feed it is fed. Our sturgeons live in purified water with a high flow rate and feed on high-quality European feed. Thanks to this, KIND FISH® sturgeon caviar has a distinct taste and a delicate, pleasant aroma.


  • KIND FISH® caviar contains all essential amino acids and corresponds to a biologically valuable product;
  • KIND FISH® caviar is characterized by a very high content of fatty acids, including the most useful Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9 PUFAs, and provides the recommended daily dose of consumption by FAO;
  • The mineral composition of KIND FISH® sturgeon caviar is characterized by a high content of calcium, magnesium, iron (double the daily norm), zinc (double the daily norm), copper;
  • KIND FISH® sturgeon caviar contains vitamins A, E, PP.


KIND FISH® caviar and fish from which it is obtained are under constant veterinary and sanitary control regarding safety indicators and compliance with TU and other regulatory documents. That is why you can confidently consume KIND FISH® sturgeon caviar, knowing that it is incredibly useful and completely safe.

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50 g

Fish species

Siberian sturgeon

5 reviews for Siberian sturgeon black caviar 50 g
  1. Elena

    I buy this caviar for every holiday!

  2. Ulia

    Excellent service, delivery is generally very fast. Caviar is sent with a cooler. There are no complaints about the quality of the products. I order not the first time and everything is always fresh and tasty. Definitely recommend!

  3. Alice

    This is the best caviar I have ever tried. It was delivered strictly within the specified time frame, while the temperature was maintained and the packaging remained undamaged. The caviar is very tasty and fresh. I recommend trying it.

  4. Sergey

    High quality caviar, I took a small portion for tasting, and now I plan to buy more for the New Year!

  5. Natasha

    The service is excellent. Sent the same day. The caviar arrived quickly and in the cold. It is very tasty.

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