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Our preservative

The preservative we have chosen to produce KIND FISH® sturgeon caviar deserves a separate blog post.

We ensured the chosen preservative was as safe and reliable as possible because we didn’t like how everyone else’s preservatives harm the human body. We adhere to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Information for Consumers about Food Products” and indicate all the components of this complex food additive on the label. We urge you not to fear all those E-additives because this is just an international classification of harmful and valuable substances. You can easily use a Google search to discover the nature of a particular E-add and its effect on the human body.

To preserve our valuable product during the entire shelf life (12 months) and not neglect your health, we have chosen the Reinofresh Kaviar 1 preservative. It is a mixture of edible salt and 3 other exciting substances:

Antioxidant sodium isoascorbate (С6Н7NaO6) slows the oxidation of organic compounds. It is widely used in the confectionery, bakery, fat-and-oil, wine-making, and brewing industries.*Potassium bicarbonate (K2НCO3) acidity regulator or Е501ІІ. Products containing the E501 supplement are safe and applicable to a certain extent because they are a source of potassium intake, which is not synthesized in our bodies.*The flavonoid taxifolin (С15Н12О7) has excellent uses in food, medicine, and healthcare products for its anti-cancer, antibacterial, and antifungal effects.**

Reinofresh Kaviar 1 is manufactured by Reinert Gruppe Ingredients GmbH in Germany in compliance with all component traceability and safety and quality control procedures by European and German legislation. It meets vegetarian and vegan requirements and Islamic laws. It is free of gluten, shellfish, eggs, fish, soybeans, dairy products, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, lupine, and mollusks. It also does not contain raw materials from genetically modified organisms.

So, we have carefully approached using a preservative in producing KIND FISH® sturgeon caviar. Our Reinofresh Kaviar 1 preservative is good for you because it does not harm your health. And we also like it as a reliable substance that maintains the quality and safety of our food products.

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