Кошик покупця

Our philosophy

Almost two decades – so much time we have devoted to growing our own sturgeon, caring for them, mastering the technology of painless and bloodless caviar selection, improving the method of salting. Fish from the first stock in 2002 are still with us, they are big and graceful, and they give roe of especially big size (PREMIUM series).

We are convinced that quality and safe sturgeon caviar should be available to many people, because it is delicious and extremely useful. Therefore, our prices are not sky-high, and we make a lot of efforts to make as many consumers as possible understand such a product as sturgeon caviar, be able to distinguish it from low-quality caviar, navigate in product types, manufacturers, and avoid various “cats in pokes“.

We would be happy if every family in Ukraine had a jar of real sturgeon caviar at least once a year.