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How to Properly Serve Black Caviar?

Black caviar can be served on the table in a regular, small dish. However, one should always emphasize the taste of a delicacy and be able to perform this dish so that it is appreciated as expected. Aesthetic serving, flavor contrasts, and a harmonious combination of products will help you get the most out of tasting. 

Serving Dishes for Caviar: Color, Shape, Material

The right choice of dishes for serving and storing caviar plays an important role in maintaining its freshness, as well as in creating an aesthetic visual impression. When choosing dishes, there are several factors to consider:

  • color
  • form
  • material

The color of the caviar dishes has a psychological effect on the perception of the dish. Traditionally, white or neutral dishes are often used, as this emphasizes the bright color of the caviar, making it more attractive to the eye. However, you can also experiment with contrasting colors to create an interesting visual effect.

The shape of the dishes also matters. Flat and wide surfaces are suitable for caviar, as they allow you to distribute the grains evenly and avoid their pressure. Oval or round shapes also allow good distribution and placement of the caviar.

The choice of material for caviar dishes is important to maintain the freshness and taste of the product. Glass, ceramic and stainless steel are considered the preferred options as they do not interact with the product and do not affect its taste. They are also easy to clean and keep hygienic.

So, when choosing dishes for caviar, it is worth considering its color effect, shape for ease of serving and material that will preserve the quality of the product.

How to Serve Black Caviar, the Temperature of Storage and Serving

Caviar has a unique taste. However, it can also be eaten with thin, slightly dried pieces of white bread, biscuits, and crackers. For those who want a high-calorie dish, butter or mascarpone cheese should be added to the sandwich, effectively contrasting with the taste of a salty dish.

Those who count the consumed calories should replace bread with boiled quail eggs. They will look spectacular and taste good in combination with caviar.

Olives, herbs, and vegetables are used to decorate the table. A fresh slice of cucumber, cherry tomatoes are well suited for caviar for contrast.

Caviar is stored and transported at a temperature not higher than 0 °C and not lower than -4 °C — you’d better enjoy it chilled. This is how it is stored and delivered in the KIND FISH online store.

To maintain a low temperature, the delicacy can be served in a caviar bowl — a unique vase with a separate reservoir for filling with ice. Then the caviar will be stored on the table at the optimum temperature.

The only rule that must be observed is that caviar is not served covered with ice. This is considered bad manners.

Black Caviar and Seafood Sandwich Options with Gourmet and Traditional Dishes

You should also know how to properly serve black caviar with seafood and sandwiches. Exquisite serving option — with oysters. Another way is a mix of fish dishes, lobster, and caviar. For fish, lobster, and oysters, it is advisable to use sauce or just small slices of lemon. Black caviar can also be combined in sandwiches with salmon. In this case, it will be a unique, contrasting seafood taste. 

There is a variant of sandwiches with sour cream, red onion. For those who prefer traditional dishes, baked potatoes can also be recommended. If caviar is served with chicken eggs, the yolk can be removed, and the cavity filled with caviar mixed with sauce. One more thing —  caviar tastes excellent with pancakes!

The main thing is to remember that everyone has their taste. Therefore, given the general rules of etiquette, you can serve the delicacy as you think best.

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