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How do you distinguish natural red caviar from artificial?

Red caviar is a rather expensive delicacy. It is customary to enjoy its amazing flavor on New Year holidays or when celebrating other occasions: birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. No one wants to spoil the impression of the holiday with a fake, low-quality product. Therefore, many Ukrainians resort to how to distinguish natural caviar from artificial one.

This year, to enjoy 100g of caviar on the New Year’s celebration, one will have to pay 300 hryvnias or more. It is better to buy caviar from the official manufacturer and not resort to one-day pages online. “Underground” products may help you save money, but in almost 100% of cases, such caviar is of poor quality or unreliable. In addition, it can contain dangerous preservatives. When buying from a retail chain, it is also worth paying attention to certain indicators. How do you distinguish natural red caviar from artificial when purchasing the retail chain? Let’s figure it out together.

Buying caviar in the store

In addition to the recognizable green tin can, there is a huge selection of this delicacy in a wide variety of packaging on the shelves – from plastic to glass. It is best to choose products packaged in glass containers, where you can see the caviar. A sign of quality is the lack of excess liquid, a nice red-orange color, and whole eggs.

It is worth focusing not only on packaging but on the product’s characteristics and the manufacturer’s and brand’s reputation. It is always better to buy products from well-known brands. You need to pay attention to the price tag as well: natural products cannot be cheap.

You should be wary if the price for a 100-gram jar is less than 200 hryvnias. It is best to demand from the seller documents confirming the quality and origin of the product. If there are no documents, it is better to refuse the purchase.

Checking at home

Before you eat a delicacy, you should find out how to check whether your red caviar is natural or not. To do this, pay attention to the following indicators:

  • smell;
  • appearance;
  • consistency.

How to find out if the caviar is natural? You should sniff. A natural product has a pleasant, pronounced fish aroma. Artificial caviar has a weak smell or has a smell of a specific, non-fishy nature. If all eggs are completely the same color, bright orange or yellow with a reddish tinge, without “eyes,” the same size, this indicates their artificial origin.

What are the other ways to check the caviar? You can use boiling water. When a few natural eggs are poured with a small amount of boiling water, the protein will curdle. As a result, the water becomes cloudy and forms flakes of gray-white shade. The appearance of fatty spots on the water surface characterizes the artificial product. The transparency of the liquid will remain unchanged.

The second method involves the use of hydrogen peroxide. During contact with this liquid, the eggs of natural origin will whiten, while non-natural ones will not change color.

Having the knowledge of how to distinguish artificial caviar from natural, you can exclude the likelihood of a poor-quality product on the table.

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