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Black caviar on the New Year’s table: How to serve and what foods and drinks can it be combine with?

New Year is a holiday that almost all Ukrainians look forward to. Many people prepare in advance: they stock up on the necessary products and attributes and decorate the Christmas tree. Black caviar for the New Year is considered one of the best delicacies. The first mentions of this tasty food product date back to the reign of the Phoenician kings and Egyptian pharaohs. In the Slavic environment, caviar has been known since the 4th century AD. Our ancestors knew how to salt it and press it into cakes, removing moisture. The resulting product had all the properties indispensable for a traveler: long-term preservation, highly high nutritional value, and a maximum of components beneficial for the human body. Pressed caviar for the New Year is a desired delicacy prepared using modern technologies.

How to serve black caviar?

Black caviar for the New Year is usually served as sandwiches. It ideally matches with bread and butter. However, there are other serving options. The product goes well with the following foodies:

  • Crackers.
  • Crispy bread.
  • Biscuits, etc.

If you have questions about how to serve caviar for the New Year, remember that the best way is to use wheat flour products. Rye flour may not reveal the whole gamut of taste of an exquisite delicacy, but, on the contrary, “overwhelm” it.

Pancakes with black caviar and sour cream are incredibly delicious in Ukraine and other Slavic countries. In Europe, not only on New Year’s Eve, caviar is eaten in small spoons, alternating with sea oysters and lemon slices. It also perfectly complements the taste of the following products:

  • Fresh cucumber.
  • Soft cheeses.
  • Cream.
  • Quail eggs.

If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of the delicacy, do not use ordinary steel spoons. Mother-of-pearl spoons, hand-carved from large Asian shells, are better for meals.

How do you choose caviar for the New Year, and what drinks is best to combine?

If you don’t know how to choose caviar for the New Year, you should pay attention to the packaging. A high-quality product is sold in hermetically sealed containers, tin or glass. It should contain all the necessary information: manufacturer’s data, date of manufacture, terms, and storage conditions. Otherwise, there is a risk of ruining the New Year’s holiday with a low-quality product.

Traditionally, black caviar is combined with strong alcoholic drinks — vodka, whiskey, etc. However, this product perfectly matches low-alcohol products — sparkling wines, champagne, and prosecco. The salty taste of caviar goes well with dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet wine.

If you want to buy a jar of black caviar of the highest quality, contact Kind Fish. Our production offers the best caviar, so we are confident in its quality. The fish we use to extract caviar live in conditions close to natural and are fed raw food and high-quality certified feed of European quality. That is why our products are among the highest quality on the Ukrainian market.

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