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Bester: Everything you need to know about this hybrid

Bester is one of the most successful results of crossing two species of fish of the sturgeon family. The “parents” of this hybrid were beluga, belonging to passage species and reaching a mass of one ton, and sterlet – the smallest fish of the sturgeon family, the weight of which rarely exceeds 2 kg. It is a sterlet that is able to be in freshwater throughout the biological cycle.

Bester was bred by two biology professors in 1952. As a result of the fertilization of beluga caviar with sterlet milk, a hybrid was obtained, combining the best qualities of these species – early maturation and rapid growth. When kept in pools, ponds, and other artificial reservoirs, Bester is able to reach a mass of more than 1 kilogram within two years. Adult individuals can weigh 35-50 kilograms, having a length of 180 centimeters.

Today, this hybrid is a popular object of commercial cultivation in many countries, including Ukraine, South Korea, Poland, the USA, China, Japan, Germany, and others.

Bester: appearance and biological features

Like any other sturgeon fish, this hybrid has five rows of bone “bugs” located along the body: two rows in the abdomen area, one on each side, and on the back. Just like beluga, Bester has two pairs of antennae under the snout. Antennae can be with or without leaf appendages. They can be of direct configuration or slightly wavy, flattened.

The color of the back is variable, resembling either beluga or sterlet, from almost black to light gray. The contrast between the color of the light belly and the dark back is more pronounced compared to other sturgeon species. The structure of the mouth is something between the crescent beluga and transverse sterile. Black caviar bester, in gastronomic properties and size, is not inferior to sevruga and sturgeon; instead, it is distinguished by tenderness, softness, and delicate taste.

Bester: value

This hybrid is characterized by the maximum of positive qualities inherited from parents:

  • Intense growth.
  • Early maturation. Males become capable of breeding at 5-6 years, females after reaching ten years.
  • Great taste. Bester caviar and its meat are actively used in the food industry. Individuals weighing 12-18 kilograms can contain up to 3 kilograms of caviar.
  • Excellent resilience and endurance. In oxygenated water, this hybrid can tolerate temperature rises of up to 32 degrees. It feels normal for salinity within 0-18 ppm.

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