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7 Interesting facts about sturgeon

Sturgeon fish are considered one of the most valuable products on the planet. Thanks to their tender white meat, rich in nutrients, amino acids, and other components beneficial to the human body, and delicious black caviar, they take first place on the holiday table.

Sturgeon caviar is a unique product people have known since ancient times. Two thousand years ago, the Slavs used dehydrated and formed flat caviar cakes as a high-energy, balanced food that saved travelers on long hikes. Two hundred years ago, in America, sturgeon caviar was used to feed slaves on plantations due to its high energy value. People began to appreciate the taste and benefits of sturgeon caviar and meat only when the sturgeon population decreased significantly. 

Sturgeon are exceptional representatives of the fish world

These fish are unusual creatures. You can see this by looking at 7 most interesting facts:

  1. Sturgeon is the same age as dinosaurs.
  2. It has no bone skeleton.
  3. Can live in salt and fresh water.
  4. Has almost no scales.
  5. Differs in large sizes.
  6. Characterized by one of the longest life expectancies.
  7. Sturgeon is the only “supplier” of an almost ideal food product — black caviar. 

Like other fish of this family, Sturgeon was practically unaffected by evolution. It has existed virtually unchanged for about 80 million years. Regardless of the species, sturgeon have the same variable color — a dark gray or marsh shade back, smoothly turning into a light gray or yellowish belly. Color depends on environmental conditions. Such sturgeon species are usually found in closed reservoirs with a muddy bottom and muddy water.

Sturgeons do not have bones. Instead of a bony skeleton, they have a cartilaginous skeleton. To a certain extent, bone plates perform the skeletal function covering the body. These fish species also do not have absolute scales.

Beluga is the most significant representative of the family. It can grow up to 5 meters in length and 1.5 tons in weight. The white sturgeon can boast even larger sizes, capable of growing up to 6 meters. However, due to its narrow body, its maximum weight reaches 800 kg.

It is believed that the lifespan of sturgeon can exceed 100 years. There are no exact data, but these fish live in the artificial environment for 70 years or more. Large species reach sexual maturity on average after 15-20 years. However, their fertility is high: one female can bear up to 100 kg of sturgeon caviar.

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