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Is Ovulated Sturgeon Caviar beneficial?


First we should understand the basic questions about Sturgeon, Caviar and the alternative types of preparation for Caviar food products. 

In most countries around the world Sturgeon fishing is prohibited because of the catastrophic decline in the population of Sturgeon species. Instead of conventional fishing, therefore, they are successfully bred in Farms by Aquaculture. 

There are about 30 of these Farms in Ukraine that breed species of Sturgeon: Russian Sturgeon, Siberian Sturgeon, Sterlet, Bester, Beluga and Paddlefish, and some of these Farms already have their own Caviar production facilities.

The owner of the Sturgeon Farm can always choose the way to get eggs from the fish: either by killing the fish or harmless means. 

Black Caviar from the Manufacturer Guaranteed Quality at Attractive Prices

Black caviar is very popular in Ukraine, as well as in many other countries on the planet. Despite the objective high cost of this delicacy, even low-income groups of the population try to use it at least sometimes. The reason for this is the exquisite taste and many valuable properties.

How to Distinguish Natural Black Caviar from Fake?

To begin with, you need to understand that black caviar, for a price much lower than the market price, is a contraband product prepared and delivered to points of sale without observing sanitary and hygienic standards. Or it can be a fake — made of protein mass (seaweed) and gelatin with various food additives, flavorings, preservatives, and dyes. Both the first and second types do not benefit and harm the body.

Extra-class natural black caviar is supplied in sterilized jars with complete information about the manufacturer, product batch, production date, terms, and storage conditions. In appearance, all eggs are approximately the same size, but their shades may differ.

To check the authenticity of this delicacy, you need to place several eggs in a glass of warm water. If the water becomes colored, it is not natural black caviar but fake-colored caviar of other fish. And if the eggs dissolve or soften, it is a gelatin-based product.

Types of Black Caviar

Black caviar to buy in Ukraine comes in seven main varieties (by prevalence):

  • Sterlet.
  • Siberian sturgeon.
  • Bester.
  • Russian sturgeon.
  • Far Eastern sturgeon fish (kaluga, a hybrid of kaluga, and Amur sturgeon).
  • Beluga. 
  • Stellate sturgeon.

The last two species are rarely found in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there is a very high risk that such caviar has a poaching origin.

Sterlet eggs are the most miniature, beluga eggs are the largest, and sturgeon eggs are slightly inferior to beluga eggs. All species’ composition and functional properties are practically the same, and the price depends on the size of the eggs and the degree of maturity. There are six degrees of maturity, three of which belong to commercial ones. You can buy caviar from the fourth stage of maturity (granular), the third (pressed), and the second (ovary). Granular products are considered the most valuable. Caviar, higher than the fourth and lower than the second stage of maturity, does not have the proper taste and marketable qualities and is rarely eaten.

The most expensive will be the Beluga granular product. You can buy black sterlet caviar and ovary caviar at the lowest price.

Useful Properties

This delicacy has long been known as an energy product that quickly restores strength. Due to the content of many fatty acids and essential amino acids, the normalization of the cholesterol level in human blood and regulation of blood pressure is ensured. Biological, easily digestible iron compounds increase hemoglobin levels — a blood component that delivers oxygen to the body’s organs, tissues, and cells.

In addition, black caviar is a storehouse of a mass of helpful micro- and macroelements and vitamins. These are potassium, magnesium, silicon, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, manganese, calcium, iodine, vitamins A, B, D, E, and many other components that provide an impetus for the full development of a new life — sturgeon fry.

How to Сhoose

If you want to buy black caviar of high quality, carefully inspect the packaging. As mentioned above, you should avoid purchasing products from little-known suppliers with uninformative labels.

You should also never buy these delicacies by weight in leaky packaging. Such products may contain pathogens of various diseases and bacteria foreign to the human body.

If the trader sells quality black caviar from an officially licensed supplier, he must have a quality certificate with a wet seal. You should also comply with the storage conditions indicated on the packaging.

How Much Does It Cost, and Where to Buy Black Caviar in Ukraine?

To find out how much black caviar costs in stores and understand why there is such a significant price difference, you need to take into account, in addition to the criteria described above, the production method.

Sturgeon caviar for food is divided, first of all, into slaughtered and live (ovulated). The most expensive is the slaughtered one. The caviar obtained by the live method of milking costs less as it reduces the costs of growing sturgeons — the fish forms roe every 2-3 years.

Slaughtered caviar is always made with preservatives because it has not been pasteurized. This is a classic method. The storage period is usually 2–2.5 months, rarely 8 months. Such products must be stored strictly at -4,-2 degrees Celsius. It is better to ensure that precisely these temperatures will be observed in the retail store and during transportation by the postal service. Manufacturers often add preservatives to the product (in Ukraine, additives LIV-1, E211, E200, E 202, Reinofresh Kaviar 1, and E-285 are permissible).

Live caviar is produced using a unique technology, which is different for each manufacturer, allowing them not to use preservatives.

Caviar subjected to pasteurization is free of microbiological contamination. However, it has a denser grain, and its storage period can reach 12 months or even more.

If you want to buy guaranteed quality black caviar in Kyiv or other cities in Ukraine, contact the Kind Fish company services. Our broodstock of more than 2,000 individuals is at our disposal, kept in running water conditions and fed exclusively with high-quality certified and natural feed. Therefore, product quality and affordable prices are guaranteed.

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