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Breeding Sturgeons has been our Family Business for over 10 years. In that time, we have grown an adult brood stock that spawns every year.

The Fish are kept under ideal conditions with the necessary water flow, they are fed with natural feed, high quality artificial feeds from European producers, and are subjected to regular veterinary and sanitary control.

We take care of more than 2000 live Fish deliberately refusing the barbaric slaughter method.

Thanks to these favorable conditions, our Fish and their Caviar retain their pure natural flavor.


The fine-grained Sturgeon Caviar of TM “Kind Fish” is a completely new product in the Ukrainian Market. The most significant advantage is the absence of artificial preservatives …only Caviar and salt!

The production of this Caviar is a very delicate process that we have mastered over several years with specialists from Ukraine, Poland and Astrakhan. We have succeeded in producing delicate juicy Caviar that retains the inherent beneficial minerals and vitamins.


(UA) Чи корисна овульована осетрова ікра?


Розберемось в основних питаннях щодо осетрових, отримання з них ікри та видів готової харчової продукції.

В більшості країн світу вилов осетрових заборонений через катастрофічне скорочення популяції цих видів риб. Натомість, осетрових успішно розводять в умовах аквакультури.

В України є близько 30-ти господарств, де вирощують риб осетрових порід: руського осетра, сибірського осетра, стерлядь, бестера, білугу та веслоноса. Деякі з цих господарств вже мають своє виробництво харчової ікри. Господар осетрової ферми завжди може обрати спосіб отримання ікри з риб: забійний або беззабійний.

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All products are labeled in accordance with resolution CITES 12/7, which recommends a universal marking system for trade and identification of caviar.



Thanks to pasteurization, the shelf life of the Caviar, without preservatives, is 8 months.

Where the Consumer or the Retailer is not able to maintain the correct storage conditions (-4c to -2oc), we can supply high grained Caviar with preservatives. This is suitable for consumption within 12 months from the date of production.

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